Some of you may have noticed constant spelling mistakes on my blog while doing immitations, oops did it again, just letting you know it was on purpose.

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G-8 summit

Why does the U.S. still attend these summits when they have enough debt to buy their own country and north america. (if they had that money)

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Once seagulls said that they couldn’t fly, we showed them!

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going glenn

the U.S. is in det, FOX downsizes glenn beck, man are doomed without his guidance, because the world is doomed aliens easily take over, the president has never worn shoes before because he is not human and so can’t tie them, last the world is embarrassed that he can’t tie his shoes and so the U.S. is in det again.


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when da Vinci said we could fly we called him insane, when George Bush said he could carry a country we trusted him.

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seriously! Today a store was selling chips. Ya know how sometimes stores do giveaways? well this store was giving a discount on the CHIPS if you took a FREE 2L DIET drink!

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shout out

I’d just like to give a shout out to my “old” pal Royan Lee, check him out here: http://spicylearning.wordpress.com/

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Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of my followers for their loyalty over the past year!!

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definition: fhsfgjkghxfgjsjdghjd; Sarah went to see ghsfghfghyhfgbfgsthhgh and fell off a cliff.

And Sarah Palin gets awarded for this?

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